Golf Clubs

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What we can do for your Golf Club:

During our free survey we concentrate on the three main areas of energy usage – Heating, Lighting and refrigeration (Freezers, bottle coolers etc)


Radiator systems are notoriously expensive, and use of our electronic radiator valves provides cost savings of 25% to 35%. Full installation and commissioning is included in the price.

Typical Golf Club

SAVINGS £2000 to £3000 per annum

INVESTMENT around £3000

PAYBACK 12 to 18 months

5 – year savings between £10,000 and £15,000


We install our unique motor energy controls on your refrigeration systems which save around 20% electricity usage on each of the fridges, coolers etc and substantially increase the life of the units. 
Why run a bottle cooler overnight – we control this for you.

Typical Golf Club

SAVINGS around £2000 per annum

INVESTMENT around £2,500

PAYBACK around 18 months

5 – year savings around £10,000


Many clubs have already installed energy efficient LED lighting, and we commend them for that. However, where this has not been done, we will suggest appropriate lighting and look for savings to be made through movement sensors etc.

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