Schools are an ideal business to take advantage of this technology. We already work with local authorities in Wales and England installing eTRV’s, lighting and motor energy controls, saving them hundreds of thousands of pounds in all. eTRV’s are now being installed across a wide range of schools from the small village primary to large High Schools in Urban areas. The savings are dramatic which of course puts money back into the budget for each school.

Having spoken to many in the industry we can also point towards another major advantage to using eTRV’s or weTRV’s and that is the comfort for pupils. By controlling the heating in individual classrooms we have found that pupils work much better, traditionally a classroom was heated to a temperature controlled via a thermostat in a hallway somewhere, therefore some classrooms were stifling hot where others were cold. That is now a thing of the past as we automatically control the temperature in each classroom.

Whether you are a private school, a council run school, an academy or a college then call us now for a FREE survey and report. Our school experts are ready to help put money back in your budget rather than the energy companies.

Typical schools are achieving savings of around 30% with projects costing as follows:

Junior Schools

SAVINGS around £1,800 p.a.

INVESTMENT around £4000

PAYBACK around  2.5 years

5 – YEAR SAVINGS around £9,000

Senior Schools

SAVINGS around £12,000 to £15,000 p.a.

INVESTMENT around £20,000

PAYBACK around 2 years

5 – YEAR SAVINGS around £60,000 – £90,000

The above figures are for each type of school. Imagine your savings across all the schools in your region.

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