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How much can you expect to save on your energy bill? Every business is different – that’s why we undertake a survey for each of our clients’ premises.

The amount you can save on your utility bill depends on a number of factors. Our initial assessment will consider the current efficiency of your lighting, heating, boilers and motor controls along with the number of lights, air conditioners, radiators and other appliances in use around your premises.

Following the survey, we provide an assessment of the potential savings for each aspect of your energy consumption. We will tell you how much efficient lighting, heating and motor controls can save you in order to maintain your desired temperature and lighting requiremetns.

We can also help you to identify further savings by making effective use of zoning and individual temperature/timing controls using electronic thermostats for each radiator.

Some savings will be straightforward and easy to calculate. Others will be a little more complex as they will depend on staffing/guest requirements. However, we can even help you identify hidden costs relating to maintenance that should be factored into this comprehensive savings analysis.

Our experience has shown us saving up to 50% of our clients’ energy consumption for some appliances, and up to 35% off their annual energy bills. If energy bills are a significant cost to your business, isn’t it about time you explored the potential to achieve real and long lasting savings?

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