What can we do for your University?
We specialise in savings on heating systems saving 30%+ on your annual bill. Why heat student accommodation when there’s no one in it.

We achieve massive savings at holidays and weekends by the use of our electronic thermostatic valves with occupancy controls.

A typical student block of around 280 rooms:

SAVINGS around £12,000 per annum

INVESTMENT around £27,500

PAYBACK 2 to 2.5 years

5 – year savings around £60,000

Case Study – Bristol University

University reduces heating bills by 30% for efficient savings.

A trial installation of eTRV’s at The Hawthorns, a 53 room hall of residence in the University of Bristol reduced their heating bills by 30%.  This saving paid for the initial cost of fitting the eTRV’s within the first year of operation! Below is a diagram of the Student Accommodation Heating Programme.

These British-made programmable valves have a tamper-proof feature which enables the energy team to have full control of programming the valves to suit a specific room and user, locking them to prevent anyone from adjusting the settings.  However, students can press the push button on the front of the eTRV for extra heat when they need it.
The eTRV’s are programmed to come on in the mornings and evenings in the student accommodation, while being set to timed HEAT during the day and ECO at night.  If students return to find their room is a little cold they can press the push button on the front of the eTRV to give them an extra hour of heat.

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The University of Bristol have scheduled a further installation of 204 eTRV’s into their Churchill and Wills Halls.

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