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If there is one true example of a ‘No Brainer‘ then installing weTRV’s in hotels is it. With weTRV you can stop residents from throwing money out of the window by ensuring that a room is always at the perfect temperature. This is such a good opportunity that we are working with some of the biggest names in the hotel industry.

One of the largest wasted cost in hotels is the heating of empty rooms. The UK average is 70% occupancy so this is a huge problem. Using our WETRV technology we enable room heating to be controlled from the front desk, meaning that rooms need only be heated when they are actually sold. Those savings, combined with the savings which the controls always provide, ensure savings of between 40 and 50% of your heating bill. The example below is for a typical hotel with 100 bedrooms.
CURRENT HEATING COST £40,000 per annum

SAVINGS around £16,000 per annum

INVESTMENT around £12,000

PAYBACK 9 months

5 YEAR SAVINGS around £80,000

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