About Energy Economics


At Energy Economics, we are committed to helping you reduce your business’ carbon footprint and to cutting your energy bills.

We understand that while the principle of reducing our energy consumption is simple, the solutions can seem complicated. That’s why we provide free, independent surveys and reports to give you a jargon-free insight into the choices that will make the most difference to your commercial energy consumption.

Following a survey of your premises, we will provide you with a report that sets out our assessment of your entire light and heat consumption and recommend an energy saving strategy specific to your business that covers:

Lighting such as LED, induction, T5 fluorescent tubes and lighting control using Lux sensors and PIR

Electric motor control for optimal performance of chillers, air conditioners and other electrical appliances.

Heating controls for optimal boiler performance

Individual radiator controls for temperature and time

Our practical solutions offer immediate savings on our clients’ energy bills: we provide transparent onsite measurement to demonstrate that this is being achieved from day one of implementing our plan. This means that you can start to see a return on your investment in lighting and energy control within just one to two years. What’s more, we are not tied to a single technology or manufacturer – so when new products and opportunities come into the marketplace to reduce your energy consumption, we can incorporate these developments into our transparent and objective reports.

Give us a call on 01787 880699 to book your free survey and start looking forward to reducing your energy consumption and cutting your energy bill.

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