FREE Energy Efficiency Survey

As Heard On Love 80’s Liverpool


Whether you are a school, a hotel, a golf club, an office or any other business the likelihood is that you are paying for inefficient lighting or heating. At Energy Economics we are offering a FREE survey and FREE report to show you how you can save up to 94% of your lighting costs and up to 40% of your heating costs.

Technology has moved on however many businesses still throw money out of the window by simply living with old lighting solutions and standard heating. We don’t suggest replacement of heating systems, we have solutions that will make the current system you have more efficient, only heating rooms when they are in use and keeping them at a set temperature. Imagine being able to control each radiator via your laptop, mobile phone, tablet or PC. 

New solutions for your lighting could save you up to 94%. It will also mean less maintenance and your lights lasting a lot longer. You can also control the lighting remotely too via a laptop, mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Call 01787 880699 now for a free non-invasive survey.

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